Call for Papers: The International Congress on Higher Religious Education

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Call for Papers
April 25, 2017 to June 22, 2017
Subject Fields: 
Islamic History / Studies, Religious Studies and Theology, Childhood and Education, Cultural History / Studies, Social Sciences


Center for Values Education & Istanbul University’s Faculty of Theology

November 16-19, 2017


    Congress Framework

It is a fact that religious education has a very central place in the history of universities. The existence of religious education and teaching within the academic body is affected by the ever-changing dynamics of religious life, including the tension that comes from the separation between religious and secular knowledge. While guiding society, institutions of higher religious education aim at producing and transmitting religious knowledge in the line of change between tradition and modernity, and society’s religious imagination also affects the aims, programs, and functions of these institutions.

Higher religious education in Turkey has been quite active in recent years. Considerable increases in the number of departments, students, and faculties; searches for different programs under different names; debates on education programs; as well as searches for employment-oriented training program development and the establishment of quality standards are counted among these changes. To be able to benefit from such an environment of change, discarding any type of reactiveness or protectionism is of cardinal importance. To think about higher religious studies means a general evaluation of the past, present and future situation of Turkey and the Islamic world in the light of the general course of the world, as well as looking for ideas that go beyond it.

The International Congress on Higher Religious Education is organized in order to create an environment of serious debates among the participants from various countries, to identify and evaluate the issues in the field of higher religious education, to exchange experience, and to review cooperation opportunities.


Paper proposals can respond, but are not restricted, to the following themes:

Higher Religious Education from a Historical Perspective

  • Historical development of the institutions of higher religious education
  • Comparisons of madrasas and the institutions of higher religious education

     Evaluation and Analysis of Current Situation in the Institutions of Higher Religious Education

  • Human model in the institutions of higher religious education
  • Understanding of religion
  • Understanding of knowledge
  • Institutions of higher religious education in the context of state-religion relations
  • Relations with the Presidency of Religious Affairs
  • Relations with the Ministry of Education
  • Student profile
  • Instructor profile
  • Theology students’ opinions on higher religious education
  • Instructors’ opinions on higher religious education

      Quality Standards and Competences

  • Employment areas and problems
  • Determinations of quality standards and competencies
  • Student competencies
  • Faculty members’ qualifications
  • Teaching programs
  • Academic division: Evaluations and suggestions
  • Teacher training function of the institutions of higher religious education
  • Teaching methods and teaching materials
  • Measures to increase the quality of education
  • Evaluations and suggestions on physical condition
  • Future vision of the institutions of higher religious education

      Research & Development in Higher Religious Education

  • Academic research and production in the disciplines of theology
  • Graduate education
  • Current state of the Faculties of Theology in terms of scientific approaches, theories and methods
  • Relations of divinity disciplines with each other
  • Relations of the disciplines of theology with social sciences and humanities

      The event will be in Turkish and English.

      Important Dates & Deadlines

      Call for Papers: April 25, 2017

       Abstracts Submission Deadline: June 22, 2017

       Notification of abstract acceptance: July 4, 2017

       Full-text paper submission: October 20, 2017

      Book of Abstracts and the Edited Book

  • The summaries of all papers accepted by the Congress will be published in the Book of Abstracts.
  • The full-text papers will be published in an edited book according to the result of the referee's evaluations after the Congress.


Accommodation and boarding expenses will be provided by the conference organizing committee for those who present papers. 


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