Call For Papers--H20/LA: An Examination of Louisiana’s Relationship with Water

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Call for Papers
June 15, 2017
Louisiana, United States
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Area Studies, Environmental History / Studies, Social Sciences, American History / Studies

The coast is shrinking. The water is rising. Torrential rain and flooding have displaced thousands. Governor John Bel Edwards just declared “a state of emergency” for the Louisiana coastline. Everywhere we look, water is at the forefront of discussion in today’s Louisiana. While this is not a new concern in Louisiana history, anxieties over water and its future effects have dramatically increased in recent years.


In light of this, on August 14, 2017, the Center for Louisiana Studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette will host a symposium on Water & Louisiana. We invite papers on the role of water in Louisiana lives, particularly:


-Concerns Over Land Loss & Subsidence

-Reaction and Preparation for Disastrous Events Caused by Flooding, Storm Surge and/or Hurricanes

-The Contested Threat of Sea Level Rise & Climate-Influenced Change

-Ongoing or Emerging Mitigation Efforts

-The Economic and Social Impact of Water

-Water & Industry

-Political Discourse on Water

-Water in Historical Context

-Water and Louisiana Culture


To submit, send a brief proposal (no more than 1 page) to Liz Skilton ( Please include your name, institutional affiliation, and email in the proposal. The submission deadline is June 15, 2017.

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Dr. Liz Skilton

Department of History, Geography, and Philosophy

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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