Call for Submissions: Short Blog Articles on Contemporary Social Movements and Conflicts for Zapruder World

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Call for Publications
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Women's & Gender History / Studies, Labor History / Studies, African History / Studies, Arabic History / Studies, Environmental History / Studies

Zapruder World’s Editorial Board invites short article submissions for the journal's new multi-topical weblog "ZapLab."

A few years ago, a group of scholars and activists affiliated with the Italian collective Storie in Movimento (Histories in Movement) met in a snowy New York City to strategize the organization of an international History and activism open source, peer-reviewed journal. Soon after, Zapruder World: An International Journal for the History of Social Conflict (ISSN: 2385-1171) was born. The aim of Zapruder World is to create a wide arena in which to exchange critical knowledge based on both individual research and collective elaboration. The journal focuses on social conflict, paying particular attention to conflicts as movements rather than focusing on their resolutions, so as to better connect the history of social conflicts with current transnational cycles of protest. Our journal now has three published volumes with two more in development. At this stage, however, we wanted to expand our content as well as our readership. Thus, in addition to our annual journal volumes, Zapruder World will be publishing a variety of articles, opinion pieces, and announcements via our new ZapLab section.

ZapLab is organized around three sections: Contributions, that is articles and opinion pieces on protests and marches, discussions and debates within the international Left, and topics in contemporary social and political issues; AgitProp, which will serve as a collection of quotes from, as well as images and videos of, militant scholars and activists; and News & Announcements. ZapLab is not an alternative to our academic journal, but, rather, our digital method for further integrating rigorous scholarship with commentary on contemporary issues and current debates.

Zapruder World welcomes ZapLab short article proposals and submissions from academics, independent scholars, and progressive activists on topics pertaining to contemporary socio-political movements and/or conflicts. If you are interested in becoming a contributor to ZapLab, please visit our Submission Guidelines section.

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Zapruder World welcomes ZapLab article proposals and submissions from academics, independent scholars, and progressive activists on topics pertaining to contemporary socio-political movements and/or conflicts. For additional information and instructions, please see the "General Guidelines and Requirements" section below.

General Guidelines and Requirements

  • When submitting your ZapLab article, please attach a non-password-protected Word or OpenOffice document, include "ZapLab Submission" in the subject line, and use the following email address:
  • Articles do not have to be historical or "scholarly" analyses. However, they do need to address and/or critique a contemporary socio-political movement and/or conflict in some way.
  • Articles should have a length of no more than 2,000 words.
  • Footnotes are encouraged, but parenthetical citations, if required, are allowed.
  • Any links to websites or online resources should be indicated by highlighting the text to be linked, inserting a comment using Word's or OpenOffice's commenting system, and pasting the link in question into the comment box.
  • Authors are encouraged to incorporate digital media — such as images, videos, and interactive charts, graphs, or other digital tools — into their articles.