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Tropics of the Imagination conference. Theme: 'Living Cities: Tropical Imaginaries'. 6-9 September 2017

The Tropics of the Imagination conference takes a multidisciplinary and imaginative approach to culture and nature of the tropics worldwide. It is open to researchers, research students, and the learned public. Writers, artists, film-makers, academics and other creative individuals, who find the Tropics a source of inspiration, are brought together at this conference where they discuss the creative potential and possibilities of the Tropics. We welcome Abstracts for presentations of relevance to imaginative and creative approaches to culture and nature in the tropics from various disciplinary perspectives. This year's conference theme is Living Cities: Tropical Imaginaries.   Submission guidelines Abstracts for presentations should relate to the sessions below. (If you wish to propose another session title, please contact the conference coordinators at Please fill in the Call for Abstracts form available on the conference website Email the form to  


  • Bamboo Meets Concrete: Surfaces, Atmospheres & Materialities of the Tropical City
  • Sticky Businesses: Organising, Organisations & Economic Life in the Torrid Zone
  • From Graffiti to Gallery: Visual Arts in Tropical Cities
  • Music, Theatre & Multimedia in the Metropolis
  • Literature in the Tropical City, the Tropical City in Literature
  • Smart Cities & the Female Imaginary
  • Tropical Metropolis: Creative Cities Through the Film Lens
  • Tropical Liminal: Urban Bloodsucking Monstrosities
  • Preserving Tropical Histories & Traditions
  • The Tropical City as Diseased: Races, Migrants & Subalterns
  • Ecological Aesthetics in the Tropical City
  • ​Consuming Cities: Food for Thought
  • Educating for Sustainable Futures in the Tropics: Pedagogies, Methodologies & Co-participation for Living Cities
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