York University Social and Political Thought Conference April 21st - 22nd. Keynotes: George Comninel & David McNally

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April 21, 2017 to April 22, 2017
Ontario, Canada
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Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, Humanities, Graduate Studies

Strategies of Critique XXXI at York University, Toronto April 21st - April 22nd
An interdisciplinary conference presented by the graduate program in Social and Political Thought.

Keynote panel: George Comninel & David McNally speaking on the legacy of Ellen Meiksins Wood. 

York University’s Social & Political Thought Graduate Program is pleased to invite you to attend our 31st Annual Conference, Strategies of Critique: Out of Time. In a time of flux, when social conditions dictate a metaphysical shift in the experience of temporality, it is critical to look around, to survey time itself now. We would like to take the time to consider how histories are made distant, lost or silenced, and yet, how they remain as spectres haunting our lives; how our future is indelibly marked with the characteristics of crisis—whether it is ecological, economic, political, or otherwise—alongside progress, and how we can move beyond the horizon of catastrophe. Finally, we would like to take the opportunity to meditate on the present and on presence, on our temporal conditions now, how they fall within the space between past and future, and are unified while being displaced.
Friday Schedule
Conference begins 1:00 pm
First Panel (Action and Activism): 2:00pm
Second Panel (Ecology): 3:00pm
Keynote (Legacy of Ellen Meiksins Wood): 5:00pm

Saturday Schedule
Conference begins 11:00am
First Panel (Marxist Theory): 11:30 am
Second Panel (Aesthetics): 12:45 pm
Third Panel (Affect): 2:30 pm

Please see our website for more information: https://strategiesofcritique.wordpress.com/