Call for Research Papers (Sufism & Peace Studies)

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Call for Papers
June 30, 2018
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Religious Studies and Theology, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Islamic History / Studies

Call for Research Papers

Introduction: Center for Sufi Studies Resources and Publication (CSSRP) is an integral institution under University of Sufism & Modern Sciences (USMS) at Bhitshah, Sindh, Pakistan. There is particular focus on exploring the new methods, standard techniques that enhance research skills of the scholars in Pakistan. The institution promotes researches on Sufi’s thoughts, teachings and practices that are currently needed to our generations to create viable religious harmony and discourage the extremism and fundamentalism. It is stimulant on improving research skills, knowledge, wisdom, good behavioral changes and the process of transformations innovations, researches to the generations.

Submission note for author’s:

Research scholars, authors are welcome for submitting their valuable research work in “A Research Journal of Sufi Philosophy and Practices”. We value your research work related to “spiritual philosophies, practices and teachings that bring behavioral changes among the masses”. We accept the unpublished, innovative research papers/articles as per following criteria:

  1. Each research paper/article should be typed in MS word document, font Times New Roman 12 size, with 1.5 line spacing, while title and main heading in bold.
  2. The length of each research article should 2500-3500 words, consisted on 10-15 pages, with abstract of 150-200 words, with maximum five key words and a well written conclusion.
  3. Author’s original and innovative writings are appreciated. As per HEC plagiarism policy all research papers will be accepted less than 19% similarity Index.
  4. The research article beyond these specifications cannot be considered, therefore, authors’ are advised to submit the convincing and research based evidences.

Note: please send your valued research papers/articles related to Sufi practices, philosophy and teachings of Sufi saints all around at following email addresses, till 30th June, 2018

Ali Murad Lajwani, Editor, a Research Journal of Sufi Philosophy and Practices &

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Ali Murad Lajwani, Editor, a Research Journal of Sufi Philosophy and Practices &

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