CALL FOR WORKSHOP PANELISTS - OAH Committee on Community Colleges - Sacramento 2018

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Call for Papers
May 31, 2017
California, United States
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American History / Studies, History Education, Childhood and Education, Journalism and Media Studies, Political History / Studies

Call for Panelists: “Teaching in an Era of Partisanship” presented by the Committee on Community Colleges, OAH

The Committee on Community Colleges for the Organization of American Historians is hosting a teaching-oriented workshop for the 2018 OAH meeting in Sacramento, California (April 5-8).  Since 2009, the OAH community college workshop at the annual conference provides an opportunity for community college faculty to meet and explore issues of common interest.  The theme for this year’s meeting is “Teaching in an Era of Partisanship.”  All of us have dealt with partisanship throughout our careers, but the recent election, advent of fake news, and hardening and broadening of media along partisan lines has made it increasingly challenging for teachers and professors to deal with controversial material.  Yet, deal with it we must, since controversy is inherent in teaching meaningful history.  We encounter a variety of students across the country and encourage instructors from a wide range of demographics to submit a paper.    

Do you have any creative lecture, lessons or activities that use history to focus on filtering information or recognizing bias, or help to put this hyper-partisan era of fragmented media in historical perspective?  The overall theme of this year’s conference is to accent the variety of forms history can take, including narratives, audio, video, gaming, Internet, biography, etc.  We encourage panelists to employ a variety of forms.   


Our panel will include 3-4 presenters with approximately 45 minutes each to speak, Q & A, and a lunch with a keynote speaker.

We are accepting proposals for papers until May 31, 2017.

DISCLAIMER: All workshops and panels will be recorded as podcasts at the 2018 OAH

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