Panel 'Russia's Soft-Power in Europe: information strategies of Moscow'

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May 10, 2017
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Contemporary History, Diplomacy and International Relations, European History / Studies, Political History / Studies, Russian or Soviet History / Studies


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(at the 7th International Congress of Belarusian Studies

15–17 September 2017, Warsaw, Poland)

Deadline for application: 10 May 2017
Abstract: 2-4 thousand words

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The question of foreign interference in the national security and political life has become one of the hottest topics in Europe for the two last years. New cyber technologies have changed dramatically our understanding of such challenges and the recent West-Russia tensions provide new context for information security concerns. This panel aims to discuss the cases of Russian attempts to influence the decision-making and to manipulate the public opinion in different European states (inside and outside the EU) by propaganda or other soft-power instruments.

After the beginning of Ukraine crisis in 2014, journalists and researchers uncovered the Kremlin financial, institutional or technological support for many public opinion forming organisations abroad. These activities are especially visible in the post-socialist countries and suspicions exist about an ‘invisible Putin hand’ behind the political campaigns, even in major EU member-States.

The panel will address the following questions: what do we know about the Russian information strategies in Europe? What Moscow seeks to achieve in Europe? How the Russian propaganda works? Which groups does it address? What kind of arguments and narratives Moscow uses? How influential is it? What are the regional particularities of Kremlin soft-power activities in Europe?

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