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Call for Papers
April 20, 2017
Missouri, United States
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Languages, Linguistics

Efforts are being made these days to enrich teaching second language at all level in United States and elsewhere. Americans academicians and scholars are now following suit in raising children to be bilingual or even trilingual. So why do we seek to learn languages other than our mother tongue? Why spend hours memorizing the genders of new nouns, different verb conjugations and how to pronounce letters in a new alphabet? Each person has his own answer to this question. Whether it is to communicate with a beloved grandparent, to stay competitive in a global market or simply to increase your knowledge, it is essential to learn culture in tandem with the language you are learning. We need to understand culture in order to get the perspective of native speakers, understand the history of the language, and so that we can visit the region in which that language is spoken.

The use of technology adds yet another dimension to language pedagogy, as it allows students to experience different cultural and traditional connotation that are not accessible by grammatical text alone and gives them the opportunity to understand the oral dialogues in real situation as well as non-verbal behavior, such as tone of voice with accuracy. The use of technology has changed the entire paradigms and narratives in language pedagogy worldwide. Keeping in view of the recent changes in language pedagogy, this edited volume will answer the questions and challenges faced by the language pedagogue. This edited volume will analyze the different shades of techniques that have played an important role and its effectiveness as pedagogical tool in language teaching.

To address some of the pedagogical issues I am editing a book entitled Towards a More Effective Language Pedagogy” by June 2017.  I would like to request all those who are engaged in language pedagogy to contribute for this volume by writing on any aspect of Language pedagogy. An early submission at your end would greatly be appreciated (preferably by April 20, 2017). The paper should be 15-20 pages long typed in single space on A4 size paper. Please follow the format of LSA.

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