CfP: Decentralization: Ukraine’s Local Governance Reform 2014-17. Deadline 15.5.17

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Eastern Europe History / Studies, Government and Public Service, Urban History / Studies, Rural History / Studies, Public Policy
Call for Papers:  ‘Decentralization after the Euromaidan: The Preconditions, Particulars and Challenges of Ukraine’s Local Governance Reform in 2014-2017’ – a volume of collected scholarly papers Deadline for paper submission in English language: 15 May 2017 We invite submissions of academic papers analyzing one particular aspect of Ukraine’s ongoing decentralization reform since 2014, including (but not exclusively targeting) the following subthemes: - the substance, course and successes of Ukraine’s decentralization so far- the Ukrainian decentralization in international comparative perspective - the larger historical background of Ukraine’s decentralization- the decentralization’s most recent pre-history during 1991-2014- the origins of the current decentralization’s concepts, agenda and laws- the theorists, leaders, actors, and foes of Ukraine’s decentralization- the social drivers versus political hindrances of decentralization- the various sectoral decentralization programs and processes- the decentralization’s implications for the reform of the rule of law- the decentralization process as illustrated by case-studies of communities- the decentralization processes in various regions compared- the public discussion of, and public opinion on, decentralization. Further relevant subtopics may be proposed by prospective authors. The papers should: - pose a sufficiently narrow, interesting and focused research question,- provide as many as possible facts, data, graphs, quotes, tables, etc. - make an argument with reference to empirical evidence, legal texts and secondary literature, - reference scrupulously all used primary and secondary sources, and - be strictly analytical (rather than conversational, political, philosophical, elliptical etc.).  The papers should be submitted already in English, but can be also submitted earlier in Ukrainian for a first preliminary assessment. They should have a length between 7,000 and 10,000 words. Please, send them as a WORD document, and list references by using WORD’s footnote function. The papers’ formal style, references and footnotes should follow the Chicago style outlined here and example of this text: transliteration of Cyrillic words should follow the rules of this table: will not accept papers for review that still need extensive content-wise, linguistic or/and stylistic editing. Authors of those papers that were accepted for publication will receive a modest honorarium, once we have received the paper’s final, edited, formatted, approved, ready-for-print version from the author:CATEGORY 1 Papers: submitted in perfectly publishable academic English: 300 EurosCATEGORY 2 Papers: submitted in decent, but not yet perfect academic English: 200 Euros Category 1 papers should be in native-level English, fully formulated in academic style, thoroughly edited, as well as perfectly formatted (quotations, references, subheadings, transliteration). Category 2 papers should be in good English that needs occasional correction, largely formulated in Western academic style, as well as perfectly formatted already (quotations, references, transliteration). Please, do not submit automated translations. We will hire English native speakers to secure final polishing of Category 2 papers.  Authors whose papers have been accepted for publication and receive a honorarium will be asked to also function as reviewers and correctors of one or two of the other submitted papers. Please, register your interest here: All questions and submissions should be sent

PS/FYI: The so far commissioned papers are on fiscal decentralization (Marina Rabinovich), political parties and decentralization (Melanie Mierzejewski-Voznyak), decentralization & constitutional reform (Maksym Koliesnykov) and decentralization & economic policy (Igor Dunayev).

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