Call for Contributions: History of Knowledge (Blog)

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Call for Publications
District Of Columbia, United States
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Anthropology, Contemporary History, Indigenous Studies, Social History / Studies

Do you do historical research involving knowledge as a socially determined product of human beings and activities? If so, you are involved in the history of knowledge. Whether or not you label yourself and your work in such terms, we would like to hear from you. We invite you to share some thoughts about your work on our blog, History of Knowledge.

Blog posts can be about a specific project or historical phenomenon involving the formation, transmission, circulation, or translation of knowledge. Or perhaps you would like to discuss a related book. Or reflect on the broader meaning and potential of the history of knowledge. Another possibility entails asking what constitutes knowledge as an object of historiographical, anthropological, or sociological interest in the first place and the relationship of knowledge to information, beliefs, and culture.

Further details are available on our contribute page.

If you find these kinds of questions interesting and fruitful, please contact Mark Stoneman or Kerstin von der Krone about joining the discussion. 

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