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April 20, 2017
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Digital Humanities, Diplomacy and International Relations, Human Rights, Urban Design and Planning

What about taking a journey from knowledge to wisdom? In order to rediscover knowledge, challenge beliefs, and exchange life experiences with others, Age of Wonderland invites you to engage in this journey by organizing ONE DAY OF LEARNING!

For once, let us ignore the institutions, the professional educators, the commercial seminars, the self-help books, and ask you directly to teach us something that you think is relevant for the future of our species and planet. Something we can incorporate into our daily lives.

Age of Wonderland acknowledges that for us to make the world a better place, we need to embrace change on an individual level, and to inspire others to do the same. To facilitate this, Age of Wonderland has devised the program of 100 DAYS OF LEARNING.

100 DAYS OF LEARNING is a global learning event to exchange valuable life experiences with peers. Innovators, scientists, engineers, artists, designers, social entrepreneurs and thinkers from around the world are invited to share their stories and ideas, from their own personal experience and practice. Forget about textbook knowledge, but rather think about those things that helped you towards a newly gained perspective on (your) life.

There is no fixed format for a day of learning. All we ask is that you consider how to translate your perspective into a transferrable ‘act’ or ‘tool’ that can be applied by others independently enabling them to embrace, copy, implement, personalise, hack your concept/recipe/day of learning.

Participants of 100 DAYS OF LEARNING become part of the global Age of Wonderland network and will receive a small stipend to carry out their Day of Learning. Furthermore, they will be given feedback relating to content, communication and production of their Day of Learning.

You are invited to submit your ideas in a proposal. Proposals to organize ONE DAY OF LEARNING can be send in, but no later than 20 April. Apply now! http://ageofwonderland.nl/articles/open-call-100-days-of-learning

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