Pre-Service Teacher Analysis of Their Teacher Preparation Program

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Call for Volunteers
March 20, 2017
United States
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Childhood and Education


If you are currently a student in a university teacher preparation program, please take the time to complete the survey. This study seeks to examine the perceptions of teacher candidates as they transition from scholar to practitioner. Several studies have found that universities are not preparing their pre-service teachers to work in today's classoroms (Dann, 2014; Rosas & West, 2011; Public Agenda, 2000), particularly when it comes to meeting the needs of a largely diverse population of students. Teacher candidates, in retrospect, may struggle to apply theory to practice. 

Results from the survey will inform practice and guide reform efforts when it comes to preparing teacher candidates for the classroom. Please copy and paste the link provided to participate:

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Dr. Marquis C. Grant