CFP: Essays on "Lyrical Ballads"

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Call for Publications
June 18, 2017
United States
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British History / Studies, European History / Studies, Humanities, Intellectual History, Literature

Sibilant Press is looking for essays related to Lyrical Ballads, to be published alongside the 1789 edition. Essays should be written for a general audience. Potential topics include (but are not limited to):

  1. Lyrical Ballads’ place in the work of Wordsworth and Coleridge
  2. Lyrical Ballads’ influence on Romanticism
  3. The intellectual and social contexts of Lyrical Ballads
  4. Publication history of Lyrical Ballads
  5. Lyrical Ballads’ reception
  6. The Romantic movement in general and its context
  7. Major themes in Lyrical Ballads

When an essay is submitted for consideration, the author affirms that it is original, unpublished, and not being considered for publication elsewhere. Upon acceptance, the author will be asked to sign a publication license to Sibilant Press. All are encouraged to submit, including advanced graduate students.

Essays should be proofread, between 10 and 20 double-spaced pages in length including endnotes, written in English, and formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Please include a short, author bio with your essay and submit in Microsoft Word format to:


Submission deadline: June 18, 2017