Workshop on Emerging Approaches in Uganda Studies

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April 29, 2017
United Kingdom
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African History / Studies, Black History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, World History / Studies, Nationalism History / Studies

Workshop on Emerging Approaches in Uganda Studies

The Institute of Advanced Studies, Common Ground

University College London

29 April 2017

850am                                     Welcome and Opening Remarks

9–11am                                   Reconceptualising Colonial Spaces

  • Adrian J. Browne (Durham University), Social anthropology and the politics of recognition: the case of Aidan W. Southall and Alur (Jonam) of north-western Uganda

  • Tyler Zoanni (New York University), Doubt and disbelief in Africa: a Ugandan story

  • Alison Bennett (University College London and the British Museum), Collecting Uganda: rethinking colonial politics through objects

  • Jonathon L. Earle (Centre College), ‘As wide as the king’s road in Mengo’: time, space and the Uganda Railway in early colonial eastern Africa

1115am–1245pm                    Institutional Power in the Postcolony

  • Kathleen Vongsathorn (University of Warwick), ‘Deep, deep, deep in the village’: exploring local responses to maternity centres in Karamoja and beyond, c. 1921-2017

  • Kate Bruce-Lockhart (University of Cambridge), ‘A Space of Home? Competing Communities in the Uganda Prisons Service’

  • Marissa Mika (University College London), Staying Alive: Documenting the Uganda Cancer Institute

1–145pm                                 Lunch

200–400pm                            Contemporary Contestations

  • Michaela Collord (University of Oxford), Explaining the institutional trajectory of Uganda’s National Resistance Movement

  • Nelson Kasfir (Dartmouth College), Rebel governance and rebel archives in Uganda

  • George Roberts (University of Warwick), Uganda and the human rights ‘revolution’ of the 1970s

  • Florence Brisset Foucault (Université Paris, Panthéon-Sorbonne), ‘I ask everybody to be a soldier to his neighbour’: a research agenda on the localised aspects of punitive politics in Buganda

400pm                                     Tea

410–520pm                             Reflections on a Changing Field

  • Michael Twaddle (Institute of Commonwealth Studies), Uganda studies: past and present

  • Richard Reid (SOAS), Limits of national historiography in Uganda

  • Carol Summers (University of Richmond), Workshop discussant

Contact Info: 

Jonathon L. Earle (Centre College)

Kate Bruce-Lockhart (University of Cambridge)

Marissa Mika (University College London)