South Korea’s Rise: Interdisciplinary Approaches

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April 4, 2017 to April 5, 2017
Wisconsin, United States
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Political Science, Humanities, Languages, Social Sciences, Public Policy

South Korea’s Rise: Interdisciplinary Approaches 

April 3-5, 2017, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Library Conference Room


Monday, April 3

6:30-8:30 PM, Welcome Remarks – Rodney Swain, Former Dean of the College of Letters and Science


Tuesday, April 4

8:30-9:00 Breakfast, Opening Remarks–Jim Moyer, Associate Dean, College of Letters and Science


9:00-10:45 AM                                    Panel 1 – Domestic Politics and Democracy

Chair: Steve Redd (UWM)

Chan Wook Park (Seoul National University)

            President Park Geunhye's Leadership Crisis and the Prospects for Constitutional Revision

Sung Deuk Hahm (Korean Institute for Presidential Studies)

            The First Female President in South Korea: Park Geun-hye’s Leadership and Democracy

Jungmin Seo (Yonsei University)

            Rethinking Democracy in South Korea

Seong-Ho Lim (Kyung Hee University)

            Independent Actors or Loyal Agents?: Comparative Review of the Dilemmas in Legislative Research Service

Euiyoung Kim (Seoul National University)

            Citizen Politics at the Grassroots Level: Case of the Metropolitan City of Seoul


10:45-11:00 AM, Break                                  


11:00-12:30 PM                                   Panel 2– Political Economy

Chair: Hongmin Park (UWM)

Jonathan Krieckhaus (University of Missouri)

            Geopolitical Economy: The South Korean FTA Strategy

Yeonho Lee (Yonsei University)

            Neo-liberal Reform and the Augmenting of Bureaucratic Power in the Financial Industry: The Case of South Korea

Karl DeRouen (University of Alabama)

            The Effects of Governance and Political Risk on South Korean FDI

Glen Biglaiser (University of North Texas)

            The Political Economy of South Korea: Lessons for Latin America


12:30-2:00 PM, Lunch


2:00-3:45 PM                           Panel 3 – Foreign Policy 

Chair: Nan Kim (UWM)

Dennis Patterson (Texas Tech University) and Jang-sup Choi (Texas A&M Commerce)

            From Isolation to Influence: Explaining South Korea’s Diplomatic Revolution

Geun Lee (Seoul National University)  

            The Future of Liberal International Order and Korea's Role in It

Terence Roehrig (Naval War College)

            Caught in the Middle: South Korea and the South China Sea Arbitration Decision

Wonjae Hwang (University of Tennessee)

            Do Korean-Japanese Historical Disputes Generate Rally Effects?


Min Ye (Coastal Carolina University)

            Balancing between Allies and Rivals: The North Korea Factor in South Korea-China Relations

3:45-4:00 PM, Break


4:00-5:45 PM                           Panel 4 – Foreign Relations  

Chair: Shale Horowitz (UWM)  

T.Y. Wang (Illinois State University)

            US-Korea Relations in a New Era

Jinwoo Choi (Hanyang University)

            Korea and Europe: Strategic Partners in a New Era

Min-Hyung Kim (Kyung Hee University)

            North Korea-China Relations in the Post-Cold War Era          

Woondo Choi (Northeast Asia History Foundation)

            Political Governance of Korea-Japan Relations: Interaction between Local Governments

Alex Mintz (IDC) and Uk Heo (UWM)

            North Korea’s Nuclear Development: A Poliheuristic Explanation



Wednesday, April 5

8:30-9:00 AM,             Breakfast


9:00-10:30 AM,                       Panel 5 – Korean Language, Culture and Society

Chair: Peter Paik (UWM)

James Hye Suk Yoon (University of Illinois)

            Korean Language and Linguistics in the Context of Modern Approaches to Language

Hye-sook Wang (Brown University)

            Rethinking Culture in Korean Language Teaching in U.S. Classroom

Danielle O. Pyun (Ohio State University)

            Comprehension of Korean Idioms: The Case of American Learners of Korean

Andrew Byon (University of Albany)

            Function-Focused Grammar Instruction: In American KFL Classroom Settings


10:30-10:45 AM, Break


10:45- 12:00                            Panel 6 – Korean Language, Culture and Society

Chair: Hanyong Park (UWM)

Ingyu Oh (Korea University)

            The Globalization of the K-Pop Industry: Korea’s Place in the Global Music Industry

Ok-Sook Park (Michigan State University)

            Language Fluency and Pop Culture

Sooho Song (UWM)

            Comparative Analysis of Gender Pronoun Errors in Korean Speaker’s English Production and English Speaker’s Korean Production

Won Deuk Cho (Carroll University)

            Free Rider or Partner? U.S. Troop Deployment and South Korea’s Burden-Sharing Efforts


12:00 PM, Closing Remarks – Dave Clark, Associate Dean, College of Letters and Science

12:30 -1:30 PM, Lunch & Adjourn

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