Calling for Blog Posts - Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy - May 15, 2018

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Call for Papers
May 15, 2018
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Childhood and Education, Educational Technology, Literature, Popular Culture Studies, Teaching and Learning

Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy - Special Issue

Dialogue is the first open access, peer-reviewed journal focused on the intersection of popular culture and pedagogy. Dialogue is committed to creating and maintaining a scholarly journal that is accessible to all­—meaning that there is no charge for either the author or the reader.

Dialogue welcomes essays on a variety of topics related to popular culture and pedagogy, we are particularly interested right now in receiving pieces which address globalization and the effects on learning, thinking, and practice for an upcoming issue.

Dialogue is cordially inviting authors to submit their papers that address an examination of popular culture and pedagogy, such as

  • relationship between literature, culture, technology, gender, ethnicity, and media;
  • theoretical, practical, pedagogical, and historical examinations of popular culture, including interdisciplinary dicussions and those which examine the intersections between American and international cultures;
  • Interviews, reviews of books, films, conferences, music, and technology.

​Blog post requirements

Blog posts - posts that highlight applications in the classroom, best practices in teaching and learning both inside and outside the classroom, new multimodal approaches, and additional items/ideas not fitting neatly into a scholarly article.

  • Length: Blog entries are typically 750-1500 words, but longer posts are also accepted if justified.
  • All submissions will go through editorial review for originality, clarity of writing, and utility for those teaching and researching in popular culture and pedagogy.
  • See the format guidelines ( for more information.

​More information on submission of scholarly articles/essays and reviews, please see

Contact Info: 

A. S. CohenMiller, PhD, Editor in Chief

Kurt Depner, PhD, Managing Editor