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Call for Papers
June 28, 2018 to June 29, 2018
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Economic History / Studies, European History / Studies, Political History / Studies, Public History, Urban History / Studies

Persistenze o Rimozioni , in collaboration with Spagna Contemporanea and Univeristy of Perugia, launches a call for papers for its 8th annual conference: The  Europe of Yesterday. The Europe of Tomorrow.

The conference wil be hosted by the University of Perugia (28-29 June 2018)

 Designed to be a showcase for young scholars’ works, the association  Persistenze o Rimozioni organizes an annual conference and promotes an editorial series with the aim to help young researchers present themselves and their researchers in a multicultural context and discuss their work with senior scholars and Professors.

 As a part of a long-term project on the contemporary age, the 8thConference wants to  blend the newer analysis on history and theories of Europe from the XIX to the XXI Century, characterized by an interdisciplinary approach through historical, political, social and economical sciences, and crossing them with literature and media studies.

The main conference’s goal is to retrace the history of the concept of Europe, from its very primordial expression in the XIX Century, through the World Wars’ caesura, totalitarianisms and the birth of communitarian institutions, up to nowadays. In the recent times, Europeanism appears to be in crisis. It has been damaged, on one hand, by the failure of the supranational/political integration and by the increasing role  played by Community financial structures, and, on the other hand, by the recurrence of multiple exclusionary and xenophobic nationalisms.

Therefore, Persistenze o Rimozioni deemed necessary an in-depth reflection on the roots of that crisis. The exercise of retracing the history of the integration process, of the political forces that had spent themselves in favour or against the bare idea of an united Europe, of the rough path to a proper European identity and of the not so recent shaping of a mere economical integration will allowed a better knowledge even of the actual political scene.

This CfP wants to focus on the heterogeneous and changing Europe-concept with a specific reference to it historical, political and cultural dimension, privileging those  proposals that make of the today a starting point for reflecting on the yesterday.

To reach these goals, Persistenze o Rimozioni invites junior scholars (PhD students and neo-PhDs) to send their paper proposal on the follow thematic areas:

- HISTORICAL Spaces: the various ideas of Europe since XIX to XXI Century. From Springtime of the peoples to Brexit; the Third Pole; Europe during the Cold War; the History of European Institutions, since Ventotene to Dublin; from European Welfare to European security emergency.

- ECONOMICAL  and POLITICAL Spaces: Pro-European parties and movements; the federalist dreams; the anti-europeism and anti-systemic movements; financial and capitalism roles; national country or regional Europe; if Kadmo leaves Europe: southern Europes; Centre-European culture; a two-speeds Europe.

 - LITERARY Spaces: the image of Europe before the European Community; exchanges, diffusions, melting-pots and cultural smuggling through odeporic and epistolary writings, with a special attention to the political outflows.

 - REPRESENTATION Spaces: museums and exhibitions dedicated to Europe and their relation with the national museusm; Europe as an imaginary space in arts, cinema, architectures; European Expos as a places for cooperation.

Proposals that start from current themes, images, pictures, movies and other iconographic sources will be positively valued.

A special Scientific Committee will evaluate proposals based on abstracts of not more than 500 words. Abstracts must include a brief CV and be submitted by email to (subject: POR8 + surname). Deadline: 29 April 2018.

 Conference Proceedings will be published by 2019 (Aracne Publishing, Persistenze o Rimozioni editorial series, directed by Prof. Giovanni Orsina).

Conference fee is 40 euros. Publication and membership of Persistenze o Rimozioni included.

Scientific Committee: Mireno Berrettini (Università Cattolica), Stefano Braghiroli (Università di Tartu), Salvatore Cingari (Università di Perugia), Adriano Cirulli (Uninettuno), Michelangela Di Giacomo (M9 Museum), Novella di Nunzio (University of Vilnius), Steven Forti (Università Autonoma di Barcellona), Annarita Gori (ICS, Lisbona), Oscar Greco (Università della Calabria), Livio Karrer (M9 Museum), Tommaso Nencioni, Paolo Perri (University of Calabria), Massimo Piermattei, Paolo Raspadori (Università di Perugia), Francesca Zantedeschi (Gerda Henkel Stiftung).

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