Rebel Yalla: Cultural Convergence in Western and Middle Eastern Literature and Culture

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Call for Papers
April 15, 2017
Arkansas, United States
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Arabic History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Film and Film History, Popular Culture Studies, Middle East History / Studies

The editors are soliciting essays (in English) of roughly 6,000–9,000 words in length that compare specific works of Western (especially American) culture or specific Western cultural phenomena with specific works of Middle Eastern (especially Arab) culture or specific Middle Eastern cultural phenomena. Our principal interest is in popular culture, including film, television, music, and new media, but we are willing to consider essays on literature, theater, or everyday material culture (such as sports and fashion). We are willing to consider all points of view and all critical approaches, but we particularly seek essays that explore the various ways in which Western and Middle Eastern culture have increasing points of contact, overlap, and mutual influence in the age of capitalist globalization, thus undermining any Orientalist notion that these two cultures are polar opposites.

This is an update of an earlier announcement. The volume is now nearly full, but we could use a small number of additional solid essays. Those interested in contributing an essay to this collection should send a tentative title and brief informal abstract as well as a brief description of themselves to the editors by April 15, 2017. We hope to receive all completed essays by November 1, 2017.

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M. Keith Booker and Isra Daraiseh

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