CFP - Teaching About Culture and Society in a New Atmosphere: An Interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Science Conference

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Call for Papers
May 11, 2018
Maryland, United States
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Anthropology, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sociology, Teaching and Learning

The polarization of social and political discourse, ongoing debates about the “truth,” a devaluation of expertise, and increased levels of anxiety among our students are just a few of the dynamics currently complicating our work in the classroom. The contentious quality of the moment makes it particularly difficult to address many of the topics that are at the heart of our disciplines including culture, identity, diversity, globalization, immigration, religion, and government. How can we engage our students, bridge divisions, and create spaces that foster deep reflection and open-mindedness? What strategies can we use to encourage and empower our students, particularly those who feel threatened or marginalized? Our conference invites attendees to address the challenges and rewards of teaching about culture and society in the current environment. We hope to provide a forum for faculty and students to share insights about what is working in the classroom and the community.

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