Their America: The the Eyes of the Rest of the World Post Election

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April 7, 2017
New York, United States
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Contemporary History, Diplomacy and International Relations, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Political Science, Public Policy

In the aftermath of a fiercely divisive campaign and election, and a disruptive first 100 days of the new presidency, the United States is, again, under intense scrutiny from the international community. So it seems a moment that begs for addressing the issue of how America is viewed by the rest of the world particularly given President Trump’s executive orders banning travel from predominantly Muslim countries, his threat to tear up the nuclear agreement with Iran, his promise to deport massive numbers of undocumented immigrants, and to bar the very people who desperately need to come here as a refuge from coming.

This event will examine the effects of our changing political identity as a way of deepening understanding of our current situation and what is likely to be in store not only for the U.S, but for the rest of the world. It features a panel discussion among renowned experts on China, Israel and Palestine, Mexico, the Middle East, and Russia to discuss the ways in which political and social perceptions of America are changing and are likely to change as a result of the new administration.

Featuring Jerome Cohen (Professor of Law and Director, US-Asia Law Institute, New York University), Oz Frankel (Associate Professor of History, The New School), Masha Gessen (Author, The Man Without a Face: the Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin), Alma Guillermoprieto (Author, The Heart that Bleeds: Latin America Now),  Laura Secor (Author, Children of Paradise: The Struggle for the Soul of Iran), and moderator Aryeh Neier (President – Emeritus, Open Society Foundations).

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