Collaboration on colonial Spanish American demographic data base

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Demographic History / Studies, Economic History / Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Mexican History / Studies, Geography

Within our project HGIS de las Indias, a “historical geographic information system for Spanish America, 1701-1808), we maintain among other data a large demographic dataset, that can be visualized  in the interactive, multi-layered online “map”. (Datos agregados  > Demografía; go to a later year, maybe 1778 or 1790)

The information we have so far is basically compiled along the way when using demographic sources for other purposes, so it is far from being systematic or exhaustive. Therefore, we seek to collaborate with colleagues in the field in order to correct and add data and to fill gaps. There must be Excel sheets out there with more data which are compatible /can be transformed to fit our schema. Also, indications on publications that cover areas not yet in our data base are welcome!

Your benefits  would be:

  • a contextualization and better interoperability of your data.
  • a freely accessible online visualization of your data in the interactive map.
  • a spatial dataset you or your map division may use to make maps for publications.

Please keep in mind: All data within HGIS de las Indias and connected to HGIS de las Indias by cooperation has to be shared under creative commons license CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International. Data sharing matters, don’t sit on it!

Our benefits are an enlargement and densification of the database, and especially the filling of gaps. Screenshots of missing areas (for example for the Revillagigedo census) can be found here: 

If you're interested in some form of collaboration, please contact us via email!

If you know someone who might be interested, please share the call: there is a PDF with a more detailed call in English and one in Spanish.