Conference on Building a Global Community: The Past, the Present and the Future

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May 13, 2017 to May 14, 2017
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Digital Humanities, Humanities, Popular Culture Studies, Political History / Studies

2017 Humanities Conference

Conference on Building a Global Community: The Past, the Present and the Future

Location: Hefei World Foreign Language School, Hefei, China

Date: May 13th-14th 2017

Annual Conference on Global community intends to bring together scholars from all over the world to share knowledge on the interconnectivity that is bridging nations together. The influences of modern technology through telecommunications have facilitated a transfer of information and data rapidly across the globe. Through this information sharing and connectivity we have witnessed a global social interaction on a monumental scale as cultural boundaries are being eroded and are being redefined. Furthermore, as resources of the world are sparsely and widely distributed the inherent need to engage through commercial activities have pre-empted a global community to interact with one another based on a set of shared values and traditions. These traditions have enshrined the alignment of nations and leaderships along the same political thoughts and philosophies. Topics of interests but not limited to: Technology, Culture, International Relations, International Management, Data Management and Sensitivity, Business Information Management, Anthropology, Communities and Communication, Ethics and Ethical Studies, Law and Justice, Human Rights, Social and Organisational Network, Sustainable Human and Social Development. The Conference welcomes all academicians, scholars, graduate students and policy makers to this brainstorming session. All papers submitted would be published in our Journals and there would be a Book Compilation. Abstracts of no more than 300 words and a current CV should be sent to by April 10, 2017. Kindly include presentation title, presenter's name, institutional affiliation, contact information, A/V requests, and any special needs required in the email. Abstracts should be sent as .doc or .rtf file attachments.  

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