(CFP) One century of Diaspora: reflection day about emigration public policies (Lisbon, 30 Oct 2018)

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Call for Papers
June 30, 2018
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Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Contemporary History, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Political History / Studies, Spanish and Portuguese History / Studies

One century of Diaspora: reflection day about emigration public policies

30 October 2018

Lisbon (Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa)

In the beginning of September 2017, the Council of Europe presented a parliamentary network in order to stimulate the debate about policies of Diasporas between 47 Member-States of the Council. The aim is to promote a concerted and an adequate answer to the situation of the current migration, in the name of the interdependency and of the solidarity between the North and the South.

In this event, Portugal was considered as one of countries that most promotes integration with its immigration policies of settlement and integration and its relationship with the Portuguese communities.

Besides, it was underlined the importance of the understanding of the past for the definition of national and international policies in a globalized world, and the necessity to cooperate between sending and settlement countries. Thanks to its historical tradition on migration and its special relationships with Portuguese communities in the world, Portugal and its Diaspora should be considered as a privileged starting point for a scientific debate about its policies linked to the Portuguese communities.  

For these reasons, it is suggested a day of reflection about public policies linked to Portuguese diasporas in order to identify its characteristics, its influences and its evolution and from a comparative approach, between the different communities in the world.


The aim is to stimulate the discussion of the following questions:

  • Diaspora concept;
  • Diaspora and external policy;
  • Portuguese communities and the civil society;
  • Policies of maintenance of relationship between Portugal and its citizens;
  • Portuguese communities and financial investment;
  • Policies of return;
  • Democracy, citizenship and political rights;
  • Repatriation and integration in Portuguese society.


Proposals should include the title of the presentation, the abstract (until 300 words) and a biographical note (with the information of institutional affiliation, academic level, the five most relevant and recent publications). They should be sent until 30 June 2018 to the following email: yvettedossantos@gmail.com.


Languages of the conference: Portuguese, English.



Comissão Migrações da Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa
Instituto de História Contemporânea (IHC) – NOVA FCSH


Scientific Committee:

Cristina Clímaco (Universié de Paris 8 and IHC – NOVA FCSH)
Maria Beatriz Rocha-Trindade (Universidade Aberta)
Thierry Hinger (Luxembourg)
Yvette Santos (IHC – NOVA FCSH)


Call for papers (PDF)

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For any inquiries, please contact Yvette Santos via the email below