Materiality, Objects and Objecthood (Special Issue Open Cultural Studies / De Gruyter)

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Call for Papers
July 31, 2017
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Cultural History / Studies, Digital Humanities, Humanities, Literature, Philosophy

Editors: Professor Erick Felinto (State University of Rio de Janeiro)

After a comprehensive deconstruction of the central place occupied by human actors in social life, it became necessary not only to investigate the role of things and objects in the social sciences (media, nature, animals, machines etc), but also to highlight the issues that the strong tradition of hermeneutics of the humanities have often obscured. Spurred by the impact of new digital technologies, the field of media studies cleverly learned to appropriate the epistemological principles and major theoretical issues that have come to characterize the contemporary cultural scene. The main goal of this special issue is not only to explore the place of human actors in a world enriched by the life of polymorphic objects, but also to investigate more deeply the role of objecthood and materiality in the development of cultural processes.

Suggested topics include: In what ways does technological materiality inform cultural worlds and determine forms of cognition? What new models of historical research of techniques and culture are emerging within the current epistemological paradigms? How are the material dimensions of experience combined with the intangible dimensions of culture? What does it mean to purport an “object-oriented” philosophy, a “materialist feminism” or an “actor-network theory”? In what sense does the category of the human is reconfigured in light of our new relations with objects and nonhuman entities? How important is the legacy of the genealogy and archaeology of knowledge (Nietzsche, Foucault) to a perspectivisation of the impacts of "new" digital culture? 

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