MLA 2018 Convention LLC East Asian Forum Call for Papers: Cannibal Modernity in East Asian Literature and Film

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Call for Papers
January 4, 2018
United States
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Chinese History / Studies, East Asian History / Studies, Japanese History / Studies, Korean History / Studies, Literature

Cannibal Modernity in East Asian Literature and Film

The trope of cannibalism has served to represent human abjection and cruelty. This panel aims to address cultural representations of cannibalism in East Asian literature and film by exploring questions such as: where do we draw the boundary between the self and the other? How are anxieties about capitalism projected onto the individual consumer’s body? How do these representations affect the ways in which we understand class, gender, sexuality, and racial difference? This panel explores the implications of cannibalism in relation to literature and film, literary obsessions with the topic of man-eating, and the cultural and historical significance of this fascination in China, Taiwan, Japan, and/or Korea. It welcomes specialists from all areas of East Asian literature, culture and film studies to investigate cannibalism as a response to modernity, a metaphor for literary practices, a culinary imagination, a trope to reframe contemporary global issues, or from any other critical perspective.

Please send proposals of 250 words and a short CV by March 15 to Tiffany Tsai and Géraldine Fiss

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Tiffany Tsai and Géraldine Fiss

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