Rabbinic Instruction in Context: Perspectives on the Transmission of Religious Knowledge and Praxis in Antiquity and Late Antiquity

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Call for Papers
March 15, 2017
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Jewish History / Studies, Religious Studies and Theology, Research and Methodology, Islamic History / Studies, Classical Studies

The workshop aims at highlighting current ways of interdisciplinary inquiry into Rabbinic Judaism and related traditions. It will also explore new paths of interdisciplinary research, specifically into religious education in the orbis mediterraneus and its environment in (late) antiquity.

The participants are invited to examine aspects of the transmission of religious knowledge and praxis emerging from Jewish, pagan, Christian, and Islamic literary evidence from (late) antiquity. Each paper, delivered in English or in German, will consist of a comparative analysis of a few relevant texts drawn from classical Rabbinic literature on the one hand, and from one of the textual corpora engendered by the aforementioned religious traditions, on the other.

Paper proposals (max. 200 words) for the following fields will be especially welcome: a) Rabbinic Literature and the New Testament; b) Rabbinic and Syriac Literatures.

Confirmed participants are Prof. Dr. Günter Stemberger (Keynote lecture), Dr. Lorena Miralles Maciá (Rabbinic and pagan literatures), Prof. Dr. Lutz Doering (Rabbinic literature and texts from Qumran), Prof. Dr. Stefan Schreiner (Rabbinic and Arabic literatures).

Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the CRC 1136 “Education and Religion”.

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Dr. Elisabetta Abate, researcher, Collaborative Research Centre 1136 “Education and Religion in Cultures of the Mediterranean and its Environment from Ancient to Medieval Times and to the Classical Islam.”

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