A Call for Papers: Roundtable on Vladimir Jankélévitch in the twenty-first century

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Call for Papers
June 1, 2017
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French History / Studies, Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies, Humanities, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology

A roundtable to be held at the Institute for Social Justice, Australian Catholic University, Sydney, 18-19th February 2018.

Vladimir Jankélévitch (1903-85) taught at the French Institute in Prague, the University of Toulouse and other universities and then held the chair in moral philosophy at the Sorbonne (1951-78) and published on a range of subjects, especially ethics and the virtues, musical aesthetics, death, and the work of Bergson and Schelling. Researchers of philosophy of music have long read Jankélévitch’s writing on Debussy, Fauré, and Ravel, and his passionate essay ‘Pardonner?’ published in Critical Inquiry in 1996 has provoked a range of responses. Partly inspired by Jacques Derrida’s and Emmanuel Levinas’ discussion of his work, more of Jankélévitch’s texts are being translated into English, thus garnering a wider scholarly interest in the details of his thought. The published translation of his book Forgiveness in 2005, followed by the publication of The Bad Conscience and Henri Bergson in 2015, means that a significant body of his work is available for international twenty-first century readers’ scholarly interpretation and debate, and there has been increasing academic interest in his conceptualizations and philosophical use of forgiveness, apophasis, irreversibility, resentment, repentance, and love. This roundtable aims to further the rebirth of interest in Jankélévitch’s rich, insightful, and beautiful texts, and so papers on any aspect of his work will be considered for inclusion.

We invite papers discussing philosophical problems and concepts in Jankélévitch’s work, its contextualizations and reception within the field of contemporary continental philosophy, as well as the relevance of Jankélévitch’s thought for the current issues of social justice, politics and aesthetics of public memory, temporality and creation.

The deadline for abstract submission is June 1st, 2017. Please include name, paper title, 250 word abstract, and a brief biographical note.

Please send abstract submissions to Marguerite La Caz: m.lacaze@uq.edu.au and/or Magdalena Zolkos Magdalena.zolkos@acu.edu.au

Notification of whether the abstract is accepted will be sent by July 1st, 2017.

Marguerite La Caze, Philosophy, University of Queensland
Magdalena Zolkos, Institute for Social Justice, Australian Catholic University, Sydney.

Primary Texts
Jankélévitch, Vladimir. 2015a. The Bad Conscience. Trans. Andrew Kelley. Chicago: University of Chicago.
——. 2015b. Henri Bergson. Trans. Nils. F. Schott, Durham; Duke University Press.
——. 2005. Forgiveness. Trans. Andrew Kelley. Chicago: University of Chicago.
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——. 1996. ‘Should we Pardon them?’ Critical Inquiry, 22, 552-572.
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Magdalena Zolkos

Senior Research Fellow

Institute for Social Justice

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