Call for Papers on Far Right Movements Today

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Call for Publications
February 14, 2017 to February 14, 2018
United States
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Labor History / Studies, Political Science, Diplomacy and International Relations
Call for Papers on Far Right Movements Today

The Journal of Labor and Society cordially invites essays on Far Right Movements in Today’s World. In particular, we would like to encourage scholarly contributions on the following themes:

– The characteristic features of far right discourse and criticism of specific claims made therein (especially as justifying discrimination against less privileged and/or preferential treatment for more privileged social groups); 

– The comparative social demographics of far right parties, interest groups, voting blocs and trends (especially as considered from the perspectives of national and, especially,  international political economy); 

– The institutional basis of far right influence in the economy, politics, law, and culture (especially the role of sections of business, law enforcement, the state, the party establishment, trade unions and ‘public opinion’ in advancing, adopting, implementing or enforcing a far right agenda at home and abroad);

– The different and shared views and practices of far right, ‘mainstream’ and far left parties (especially in terms of industrial, fiscal, commercial and immigration policy);

– The relation between far right movements and capitalism (especially correlations between far right ascendancy, imperialist crisis and the political agency of specific social classes);

– The ‘mainstreaming’ of the far right (especially concerning the extent to which right-wing prejudices have become hegemonic in the news media, the universities, the print press, music, cinema, etc.); 

– The tactical, strategic and diplomatic initiatives appropriate to reversing right-wing social movements and trends (especially the relative social and global appeal of left-wing and internationalist alternatives to the far right).

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