[CALL FOR PAPERS] International Conference “Representations of Hostile Spaces in Literature and the Arts: Images and Metaphors”. Complutense University of Madrid, 22th-25th May 2017.

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Call for Papers
February 8, 2017 to February 24, 2017
Subject Fields: 
Digital Humanities, Film and Film History, Literature, Urban History / Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

The International Conference “Representations of Hostile Spaces in Literature and the Arts: Images and Metaphors” sets out to study works of literature, cinema, music and the visual arts related to hostile spaces and the images and metaphors derived from them in literature and the arts.

This interdisciplinary conference intends to be a meeting point for specialists in literature and different arts in order to foster debate around the artistic representations of hostile spaces in the modern world. Thus, we propose new approaches to a subject that has great impact on the cultural sphere with a special emphasis on literature, the arts and architecture.   

The conference is organised by the Doctoral Program and the Master’s Program in Literary Studies at Complutense University of Madrid together with the research group GILAVE and in association with the Instituto de Investigaciones Feministas (Institute for Women’s Studies). This conference is addressed to researches in the fields of literature and the visual arts, journalists, architects, philosophers and other specialists in human or social sciences. We also encourage postgraduate researchers to join us.   


We welcome proposals that explore any of the following issues:

1- The urban space as a hostile environment.

2- Nature as a hostile space.

3- Degrees of hostility in fantastic spaces.

4- Hostility in digital spaces: open areas.

5- Women in hostile spaces. 



Presentation length:

Each participant will be allotted a 20-minute slot to give their presentation.



24th February 2017. Deadline to submit proposals. Titles and abstracts (300 words max.) and a short bio (200 words) either in English or in Spanish should be submitted in Word format to: congresoespaciohostil@gmail.comFor more information, check our website: https://congresoespaciohostil.wordpress.com/call-for-papers/ 

06th March 2017. Notification of accepted proposals.

15th March 2017. Deadline for payment of the inscription. 


Registration fees:

Complutense doctoral students: €30.

Doctoral students elsewhere: €50.

Doctors and professors: €80.


President: Eugenia Popeanga Chelaru

Scientific Committee: José Antonio Millán Alba, Ángel García Galiano, Carmen Méndez, Pilar Andrade Boué, José Ignacio Díez Fernández, Carmen Mejía Ruiz, Aurora Conde, Fernando Presa, Arno Gimber, Enrique Rodrigues-Moura, Mihai Moraru, Jean-Pierre Castellani, Margarita Alfaro, Joaquín Rubio Tovar, Amelia Sanz.

Coordination: Alba Diz Villanueva, Rodrigo Guijarro Lasheras and Laura de la Parra Fernández.

Academic Secretary: Ana Abril, Patricia Díaz and Marta Iturmendi.

Contact Info: 

PhD program in Literary Studies, School of Languages & Literature, Complutense University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

Suggestions, proposals or queries at congresoespaciohostil@gmail.com