Open Panels for the Annual international Congress of the German Middle East Studies Association (DAVO), Jena, 18-22 Sept. 2017

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Call for Papers
September 18, 2017
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Arabic History / Studies, Economic History / Studies, Islamic History / Studies, Middle East History / Studies, Social History / Studies

You are kindly invited to participate in the "24th International Congress of the German Middle East Studies Association (DAVO)" combined with the "33rd Deutscher Orientalistentag (DOT) / German Oriental Studies Conference of the German Oriental Society (DMG)" at the Friedrich Schiller-University in Jena (Germany) on 18-22 September 2017

Please note the following deadline for the registration of the abstracts of all papers and panels via the website of the DOT 31 March 2017.

See below the titles of 19 Open Panels. Scholars interested in presenting a paper in one of the Open Panels should contact the specific organizer(s) of the panel by e-mail until 28 February 2017. The abstract of your proposed paper should not exceed 200 words.

1) The Relation between the Gulf States and the Maghreb in a Changing World Order; Organizer: Isabel Knoerrich (MENA-SEA-RESEARCH-Institute, Munich/Tunis); E-mail:

  2) NGOs Intervention in the Arab Spring: Humanitarian Assistance, Peace-building and State Building; Organizer: Ibrahim Natil (Dublin City University); E-mail:

3) Syria: From Arab Spring to Civil War; Organizer: Tonia Schüller (Rheinische-Friedrich-Wilhelm Universität Bonn); E-mail:

 4) The BDS Movement and Its Implications for Palestinian Civil Society Activism and the Israeli Economy; Organizer: Sara El-Madani (Europa-Universität Flensburg); E-mail:

5) Tourism to and from the Arab World: Challenges, Potentials, Risks; Organizers: Nadine Scharfenort (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz) and Andreas Kagermeier (Trier University); E-mail: and

 6) Urban Economics in the Middle East: Between Theory and Practice; Organizer: Mohamed Abdel-Kader (Cairo University); E-mail:

7) Youth Movements in the Middle East: Mobilization, Ideologies and State Building; Organizer: Ibrahim Natil (Dublin City University); E-mail:

8) Universities in Africa and Asia: Exploring Contradictory Functions under Changing Conditions; Organizers: Daniele Cantini and Jonathan Kriener (Orient-Institut Beirut); E-mail: and

9) Arab Media and Cultural Studies: Methodological and Theoretical Approaches to Cross-media Practices; Organizer: Bettina Gräf (Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin); E-Mail:

10) Iranian Cinema: Past and Present; Organizer: Farshad Zahedi (University Carlos III de Madrid); E-mail:

11) Branding the Middle East, Organizer: Steffen Wippel (Philipps-Universität Marburg); E-mail:

12) Middle Eastern Materialities; Organizer: Stefan Maneval (Europa-Universität Flensburg); E-mail: 

13) Imaginations of the Unborn in the Intellectual History of the Middle East, North Africa and al-Andalus; Organizer: Thomas Eich (University of Hamburg); E-mail:

14) Becoming Modern: Conceptual Transformations in the Middle-Eastern saddle period; Organizers: Florian Zemmin and Christoph Ramm (University of Bern); E-mail: and

15) Towards Critical Iranian Studies (II): New Perspectives on Post-Revolutionary Iran; Organizer: Ali Fathollah-Nejad (German Council on Foreign Relations, Berlin); E-mail:

16) How to Revive Economic and Human Development in the MENA Region?; Organizers:  Markus Loewe (German Development Institute, Bonn), Sabine Hofmann (ZEDAT, Freie Universität Berlin) and Juliane Brach (Hochschule Bremen); E-mail:, and

17) Defining a New Social Contract for Fragile and Conflict-affected MENA Countries; Organizer: Mark Furness (German Development Institute, Bonn); E-mail:

18) The Balfour Declaration - A Centenary Consequences and Challenges; Organizer: Detlev Quintern (Sultan Fatih Mehmet Vakıf University, Istanbul); E-mail:

19) Towards Conneting Urban Policy Making and Implementation in the Arab World; Organizer: MennatuAllah Mohamed Hendawy (Ain Shams University, Cairo); E-mail:

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Prof. Dr. Guenter Meyer, Center for Research on the Arab World (CERAW), University of Mainz, German Middle East Studies Association (DAVO)

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