Eighteenth-century Arts Education Research Network (EAERN)

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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Childhood and Education, Music and Music History, Women's & Gender History / Studies

We are pleased to announce the new Royal Society of Edinburgh-funded Eighteenth-century Arts Education Research Network (EAERN), based in the music subject area, University of Glasgow.  This interdisciplinary network brings together an international community of researchers in music, art, literature, history, and dance to share approaches to investigate eighteenth-century arts educational materials.  

The aims of the network are:

  • To investigate how eighteenth-century arts education has impacted on the development of Western society and the development of artisan institutions such as music conservatories, schools of art, academies of dance and the university institution
  • To establish a dialogue between interdisciplinary researchers about their current methodological practice when analyzing, deconstructing and using eighteenth-century education materials in practice
  • Out of these dialogues, to establish new standardized methodologies that utilize cross-disciplinary explorations

The network will establish a seminar series, and three full-day public colloquia.

Please join on Facebook EAERN and on Twitter @EAERNing to stay up to date with workshop details and events.  If you would like further details, contact us at arts-eaern@glasgow.ac.uk

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Dr Elizabeth Ford and Dr Brianna Robertson-Kirkland

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