Personality Development Workshop

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March 27, 2017
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Communication, Composition & Rhetoric, Educational Technology, Psychology

Personality Development Workshop

Dates: March 27-31,  2017

Host: Aryabhatta College

(University of Delhi, India)

Aryabhatta College proposes to organize an interdisciplinary five day workshop on English Language Proficiency and Personality Development. Recognizing its role as central to the making of students' career and holistic growth as well as keeping in mind the professional aspirations of students and stiff competition that they are faced with, the College hopes to plug gaps that are otherwise left out in a strictly academic environment.

The objective is to help our participants discover their hidden talent and skills, inspire confidence and empower them with the necessary soft skills that would complement their textual knowledge. The initiative is geared towards orienting students to deal with the challenges outside of academic world as well as to empower them by equipping them with skills that help them negotiate everyday problems such as stress management. By working on their individual weaknesses, we aspire to develop and strengthen their behavioral competence to help them deal with the varied challenges of life in a multi cultural world. The workshop will also prove particularly important for students from socially and economically disadvantaged background who suffer because of lack of equal opportunities.

Thus aiming to develop the overall personality of our students the workshop is modeled around five key areas that include both technical as well as soft skills.

Language Skill Enhancement

Facing Interviews & Group Discussion:

Developing Leadership Skills:

Stress Management

Conflict Management

Team Building

In-house Mock Sessions

For a better understanding , we shall also provide participants with crisp modules along with the lectures, demonstrations, case studies, problem solving exercise and hands on activities.

At the end of the workshop certificates of participation will be awarded to the participants

We invite proposals for interactive workshop in individual capacity as well as panel sessions from academics and professionals. Please submit your proposal and a short CV to by 10 February 2017. Early submission of the proposal will be highly appreciated.

The College had already organized a Personality Development Workshop as a pilot programme to test its success and its benefits to students. It is because of the overwhelming positive response and demand of students that we are encouraged to organize yet another but more elaborate and well thought out workshop that will also have resource persons from the outside College.

If you have any query please feel free to contact on the email id given below:

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