100th Anniversary of The October Revolution: The Soviet Union, The Cold War and The International System

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Call for Papers
February 15, 2017 to April 15, 2017
Subject Fields: 
Russian or Soviet History / Studies, Diplomacy and International Relations, European History / Studies, Political History / Studies

          The first of the “Mülkiye International Relations Congresses,” titled as “The 100th Anniversary of the October Revolution: The Soviet Union, the Cold War and the International System” will be held by Faculty of Political Science, International Political and Economic Relations Research Centre on October 16-17, 2017 at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science.

          This congress aims to analyse the historical, theoretical, legal and political economy dimensions of the October Revolution, the Soviet Union and the Cold War. In this context, the assessment of the following topics shall be given priority over the others:

The October Revolution

  • From 1789 to 1917: Intellectual foundations the October Revolution
  • Impact of the October Revolution to the international system
  • Trotskyism and Permanent Revolution
  • Uneven and Combined Development
  • Lenin and Self-Determination
  • The October Revolution and Turkey


  • Stalinist modernisation in the USSR and its consequences
  • From ‘Socialism in One Country’ to the politics of ‘Peaceful Coexistence’
  • The World War II and the USSR
  • The USSR, UN system and International Law
  • Relations of the USSR with other countries and regions (The US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa)
  • USSR-Turkey Relations
  • Relations with the Communist parties in other countries
  • The International system and Soviet economy
  • Gorbachev and reform in the USSR
  • The ‘Nationalities Question’ within the USSR

The Cold War and the International System

  • Cold War Historiography
  • International Security Studies and Revolution in Military Affairs
  • Propaganda, Intelligence and Technology
  • Coup D’Etats and Interventions in the Cold War
  • Doctrines, Grand Strategies and Diplomacy
  • Cold War Heritage and World


Important Dates:

We kindly request the attendees to take into account the following important dates.

Submission dates

February 15, April 15, 2017

Notification of Acceptance

May 30, 2017

Declaration of the Congress Programme     

October 01, 2017

Congress Dates

October 16-17, 2017

Deadline for the articles that are to be published in journals TYIR*, SBF Dergisi** and AAÇD***

October 27, 2017


Terms of Participation:

The participants should submit their resumes and abstracts to mulkiye_ir_congress@ankara.edu.tr before the declared deadline. The abstracts should summarise the content and conceptual framework of the intended topic without exceeding 500 words and it should also be accompanied with 5 key words. Submitted abstracts will be accepted to the Congress, subject to a peer review process.

The submissions should not have been published in any other publication or presented in a congress before.

We welcome submissions in English and Turkish.

Important Notes:

Participating in the Congress is free of charge.

Papers accepted for the Congress will be published as a book.

Selected articles among the submissions shall be published in TYIR and SBF Dergisi and Ankara Avrupa Çalışmaları Dergisi.

Congress Location:

Ankara University: Department of Political Science, Cebeci Campus


Contact Info: 

Prof. Çınar ÖZEN, Department of International Relations, Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University