“Insecurity in the Classroom: Programs, Pedagogy, and Peripateticism”

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Call for Papers
January 4, 2018 to January 7, 2018
Pennsylvania, United States
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Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Languages, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Linguistics, Borderlands

The Forum on Language Change is accepting proposals that explore "Insecurity in the Classroom: Programs, Pedagogy, and Peripateticism" for the 2018 MLA in New York City.  We are especially interested in those that examine Language Change in the context ofhow recent political rhetoric regarding immigration in the US leads to increasing insecurity in educational settings, especially changes in discourse, pedagogy and programs. Examples include rising insecurity among classroom educators and their students worried about their academic status; increased uncertainty among school and university administrators struggling to maintain and fund programs with intercultural and international focus; and ongoing anxiety across the educational enterprise as its constituents become progressively more contingent and more peripatetic. Indeed, the ever-increasing pace of immigration from around the world, especially from countries that are underdeveloped, war-torn, or otherwise afflicted, challenge existing systems that offer refuge and opportunity to our students, educators, and administrators. Such changes manifest themselves at every turn of this constant motion, as well as at every moment of uncertainty – of insecurity – that these constituencies face. Perspectives from multiple disciplines are encouraged. Please send a 300-word abstract by March 8 to Augusto Lorenzino galorenz@temple.edu).

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Gerardo Augusto Lorenzino

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