Artes Liberales

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Call for Publications
January 24, 2017 to January 24, 2018
Subject Fields: 
Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, European History / Studies, Humanities, Cultural History / Studies

Series editors: Carrie Beneš (New College of Florida), T. J. H. McCarthy (New College of Florida), Stephen Mossman (University of Manchester), Jochen Schenk (University of Glasgow)


Artes Liberales is a new series from Manchester University Press. It aims to promote the study of the Middle Ages—broadly defined in geography and chronology—from a perspective that transcends modern disciplinary divisions. It seeks to publish scholarship of the highest quality that is interdisciplinary in topic or approach, integrating elements such as history, art history, musicology, literature, religion, political thought, philosophy and science. The series particularly seeks to support research based on the study of original manuscripts and archival sources, and to provide a recognized venue for increased exposure for scholars at all career stages around the world.


To discuss or submit a proposal, contact the series editors or commissioning editor Meredith Carroll ( Further information can be found on the series homepage: