Extended Deadline: 15th Annual East Asia Security Symposium & Conference -- Dealine: 30 April, 2018

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June 25, 2018 to June 29, 2018
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Diplomacy and International Relations, East Asian History / Studies, Political Science, Chinese History / Studies, Asian History / Studies
15th Annual
East Asia Security Symposium & Conference
June 25-June 29, 2018
China Foreign Affairs University
Beijing, People’s Republic of China
This symposium offers a unique opportunity for open discussion with an array of high-level Chinese experts from the military, foreign ministry, and academic communities.  Each day will include approximately five hours of seminar-style symposium, conducted in English by senior Chinese officials and scholars.  This symposium is intended for senior scholars and practitioners in the fields of East Asian security studies, diplomacy, international relations, political science, and history.  Limit of 25 participants.  (A small number of side seats are reserved for advanced graduate students with relevant expertise.)
Sample recent and recurring Chinese participants include:
From the Chinese Military                                       From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Rear Admiral Yang Yi                                               Ambassador Yang Yanyi
Major General Zhu Chenghu                                   Ambassador Hua Liming
Major General Pan Zhenqiang                                 Ambassador Sha Zukang
Major General Yao Yunzhu                                      Ambassador Xu Bu
Major General Chen Zhou                                       Ambassador Wang Yusheng
Major General Gong Xianfu                                     Spokesman Hong Lei
The symposium will be held at the central Beijing campus of the China Foreign Affairs University.  Program costs are US$550 (for participation only; travel and housing expenses are not covered).
The symposium will be followed by a one-day invitational conference.  All symposium participants are eligible to participate in and present papers at the conference.  The 2018 conference theme is: “Great Power Competition or Collaboration in the Indo-Pacific?” (http://epublications.bond.edu.au/eass_conference/conference_info.html)
The East Asia Security Center provides opportunities for peer-reviewed publication of select conference papers through our online publishing site, and potentially as chapters in our ongoing book series (the latest being China's Strategic Priorities, Routledge, 2016).
For additional information please see our webpage: http://epublications.bond.edu.au/eass_conference/
To apply, please contact Dr. Brett McCormick at bmccormick@newhaven.edu
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