II INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “Mythical Cosmos: Creation of the World”

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Call for Papers
March 24, 2017
Subject Fields: 
Anthropology, Humanities, Literature, Popular Culture Studies, Religious Studies and Theology
Institute for the Study of Religions, Jagiellonian University
The Faculty of Humanities, AGH – University of Science and Technology
Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilizations, Jagiellonian University
kindly invite you to apply to participate in:

“Mythical Cosmos: Creation of the World”

Our conference will be held on held on 16-17 March 2017 in Krakow, Poland. “Mythical Cosmos” is a series of conferences aimed to confront academics who investigate traditional cultures and ancient or pre-Christian mythologies with the ones focusing on modern day mythologies and arguing that there really is some mythical potential in popular culture, modern art, and in media. This is a conference on both changes and similarities in mythical/imaginary worldviews.

The topics we are looking for this year  include:

  • world creation in various religions, mythologies and in New Religious Movements  – classical texts, comparative studies, modern mythology, research outlines, etc.
  • classical models of creation - by word, ex nihilo, from an egg, by autogamy; order and scheme of creation, the figure of a creator, etc.
  • science versus religion dilemma - Big Bang theory, evolution theory, creationism, etc.
  • the aim of world creation – philosophy of religion, problem of theodicy, etc.
  • creation of the world as an imprint on reality – mythical geography, anthropology of the landscape.
  • creation of the world in science and culture – visual culture, music, archeology, etc.
  • creation of the world in popular culture - fantasy and SF, films and TV shows, literature, etc.
  • worlds created by humans – creation of America, founders myths, creation of virtual realities, etc.
  • origins of Poland and polish mythology – in literature, historiography, art.

The conference will be held in English and Polish. In order to pay for the necessary materials we intend to charge our participants with 150 PLN (30 EUR) conference fee. This also includes conference coffee breaks and publication. Conference proceedings will be peer-reviewed and published in a special issue of Ex Nihilo Journal – at the Institute for the Study of Religions, and in a dedicated monography.

Please, send your paper proposals (up to 250 words), including your name and affiliation to: mythicalcosmos.conference@gmail.com

The deadline for abstracts is 24th of January 2017.

Contact Info: 
Katarzyna Bajka
Conference Secretary
PhD canditate and T.A. at the Institute for the Study of Religions
Jagiellonian University
Krakow, Poland