Rhythms of Social Change: Time, Rhythm & Pace in Performance

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January 7, 2017
Ontario, Canada
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Dance and History of Dance, Music and Music History, Popular Culture Studies, Theatre & Performance History / Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

January 7 2017

Symposium- 12:15pm, Performance- 8pm

Rm. 100, Jackman Humanities Building, 170 St. George St. Toronto, ON

Project lead: Prof. Farzaneh Hemmasi

Event Administrator: Jardena Gertler-Jaffe

Idle No More’s hand drums and round dance at the intersection of Yonge and Dundas. Articulating the rhythms of modernity in Chinese revolutionary theater. Prohibiting “stimulating [percussion] rhythms” following the Islamic Republic of Iran’s establishment. These diverse examples suggest a range of provocative questions: Why is performance so often tasked with evincing rupture with the past and creating a new era? How do artists and the arts perform and even advance the pace of social change? And how are the rhythmic-temporal aspects of music, dance, and theatre implicated in political communication?

 These and other questions will be addressed in the symposium and performance Rhythms of Social Change: Time, Rhythm, and Pace in Performance, which will explore the performance of rhythm, time, and pace in social movements, revolutions and postrevolutionary arts. This interdisciplinary event comprises a half-day symposium of presentations by faculty from across the University of Toronto. Symposium participants will investigate a variety of performance forms from diverse geographical locations and historical periods. Presentations will emphasize audio-visual examples to ground scholarly discourse in artistic practice.

Rhythms of Social Change ends with a performance by the Toronto-based trio Persamenco, an innovative instrumental ensemble fusing Iranian art music and flamenco. 

Both the Rhythms of Social Change symposium and the Persamenco concert are free and open to the public. Reservations are not required. 

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Jardena Gertler-Jaffe

Event Administrator for "Rhythms of Social Change" Symposium

M.A. Candidate in Ethnomusicology

University of Toronto, Faculty of Music