Call for Contributors: Study of Modern American Political Dynasties

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Call for Publications
May 1, 2017
United States
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American History / Studies, Political History / Studies, Political Science, Urban History / Studies

Political Science and History Faculty and Graduate Students:

We are recruiting experienced scholars to contribute the last few essays for an edited volume with Praeger Publishing (part of the ABC-CLIO family) with a working title: American Political Dynasties: A Study of Power, Family and Political Influence.  The book will encompass in-depth studies of the best-known surnames in twentieth century American politics and highlight how these families and their internal dynamics have influenced political practice and thought. This volume will be a hybrid between a straight reference work and a more mainstream exploration of a topic with potential mass appeal and importance to American citizens.

More than simply presenting biographical information on members of the identified political dynasties, the overarching goal for this work is to explore the development, influence and tensions surrounding the very existence of such elite power families in a country devoted to the idea of political participation open to all.  The essays for which we are recruiting include:

Bush – 10,000 words

Daley – 7,500 words

Romney – 2,500 words

Roosevelt – 10,000 words

Simpson – 2,500 words

First draft will be due Spring, 2017. No honorarium is available aside a copy of the volume. Scholars interested in contributing to this project, please send email with CV and one writing sample to co-editors:

Kathleen Gronnerud, Associate Faculty, History Department, Saddleback College

Scott Spitzer, Associate Professor of Political Science, California State University Fullerton

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Kathleen Gronnerud, Co-editor, Modern American Political Dynasties: A Study in Power, Family and Political Influence

Associate Faculty, History Department, Saddleback College



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