Call for Papers: Women's Early Life Conditions and Later Life Outcomes

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Call for Papers
December 16, 2016 to February 19, 2017
Massachusetts, United States
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Demographic History / Studies, Economic History / Studies, Social History / Studies, Social Sciences, Sociology

Proposals for papers at two conferences on the theme of women's early life conditions and later life outcomes are requested. A full 3.5 hour session on the topic has been accepted at the World Economic History Congress in Boston in July 2018. 

Further details on the motivation for the panel and intellectual background can be found at the WEHC site. In brief, we are looking for quantitative longitudinal evidence on how women's social, economic, and health experiences from birth to young adulthood affect outcomes later in life. The theme is construed broadly, so that papers may examine these relationships over any chosen time period, and examining effects and consequences in diverse areas such as family structure, health, education, and work.

The panel has five committed papers already, and I am soliciting two additional papers for the Boston conference. Currently committed papers come from the United States and Scandinavia, and preference may be given to expanding the geographic scope of the panel.

Papers are also solicited for a panel on the same topic at the Social Science History Association conference in Montreal in November 2017. This pre-WEHC panel will start a conversation on the topic of women's early life conditions and later life outcomes that we aim to continue at the Boston conference.

Please submit all correspondence and proposals to Evan Roberts (, Sociology and Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota. 

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Evan Roberts 

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University of Minnesota
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