UCLA Extension and Cotsen Institute of Archaeology: Cutting Edge Archaeology (Lecture & Seminar Option)

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January 14, 2017 to March 18, 2017
California, United States
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Middle East History / Studies, World History / Studies, Archaeology, Anthropology, Ancient History

Saturdays, Jan 14, 2017 to Mar 18, 2017

Fee: $198 | Fee: $398 | 2.0 units

Rm 121 Gayley Center, Westwood Village, Los Angeles

At the cutting edge of archaeology, exciting and innovative research methods broaden and deepen our understanding of the past. This lecture series features 10 all-new lectures and is jointly presented by UCLA Extension and the UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, which houses the country's highest-ranking archaeology program.

Each week a different archaeological expert discusses how they are expanding our understanding of areas of the world ranging from Peru to Greece. In the seminar, students have an opportunity to discuss supplementary readings and theoretical foundations with a visiting scholar. The final week features a panel discussion and reception gathering speakers to discuss themes from their research. Transferable for UC credit.

Scheduled speakers include

Moderator and Lead Instructor: Alan Farahani: Using scientific methods to reveal new pathways of ancient food globalizations between and within Eurasia and Africa well before the "celebrated" Columbian exchange. Region: Eurasian or "Old World".

Guest Scholars  -

Hans Barnard: Using cutting edge chemical methods to identify ancient food and other residues. Regions: Peru and Egypt

Kara Cooney:    Egyptian archaeology

Anneke Janzen: Using stable isotopes (chemistry) to explore ancient human and wildlife mobility in East Africa

Chip Stanish: The Ancient Inca -- New perspectives

Willeke Wendrich: Egyptian archaeology

Additional guests to be announced.

There are two course formats available -

Lecture-only (1pm-2pm):  A 10-week afternoon lecture series with different UCLA faculty and visiting scholars. Each week, they present the highlights of their recent discoveries, made in the most famous archaeological regions of the world.  Fee: $198

Lecture plus Seminar (1pm-2pm, 2:30pm-3:30pm): Following the lecture, discuss supplementary readings and theoretical foundations with a visiting scholar. Earn 2 units of transferable credit.  Fee: $398

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