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African American History / Studies, Social History / Studies, Political History / Studies, European History / Studies, Ethnic History / Studies

Below is an updated list of texts available for review in The Journal for the Study of Radicalism. Reviewers must be professors, independent scholars, or professionals who hold a PhD or terminal degree in their field. Advanced graduate students are also encouraged to reply. Email the Book Review Editor at in order to review a text listed below. We also welcome and encourage ideas on other texts related to radicalism.

Typically, reviews run 600-800 words, follow Chicago Manual Style for any citations, and should offer an objective, scholarly assessment of the work's subject, particularly as it relates to issues of radicalism and/or radical change. Reviews will be published within 1 year of acceptance.

Living Anarchism: Jose Peirats and the Spanish Anarcho-Syndicalist Movement, Chris Ealham (AK Press, 2015)

Goals and Means: Anarchism, Syndicalism, and Internationalism in the Origins of the Federacion Anarquista Iberica, Jason Garner (AK Press, 2016)

Third World Studies: Theorizing Liberation, Gary Y. Okihiro (Duke University Press, 2016)

Vulnerability in Resistance, Edited by Judith Butler, Zeynep Gambetti, and Leticia Sabsay (Duke University Press, 2016)

The Revolution has Come: Black Power, Gender, and the Black Panther Party in Oakland, Robyn C. Spencer (Duke University Press, 2016)

Left of the Left: My memories of Sam Dolgoff, Anatole Dolgoff (AK Press, 2016)

The Cry of the Renegade: Politics and Poetry in Interwar Chile, Raymond B. Craib (Oxford University Press, 2016)

Communal Luxury: The Political Imaginary of the Paris Commune, Kristin Ross (Verso, 2016)

Red Scare Racism and Cold War Black Radicalism, James Zeigler (University Press of Mississippi, 2016)

Beyond Power and Resistance: Politics at the Radical Limits, Peter Bloom (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016)

Revolutionary in Yiddishland: A History of Jewish Radicalism, Alain Brossat and Sylvie Klingberg (Verso, 2016)

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