CFP: Irregular Migrants, Refugees or Victims of Human-Trafficking?

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Call for Papers
March 31, 2017
Subject Fields: 
Asian History / Studies, Human Rights, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Slavery, Southeast Asian History / Studies

Irregular Migrants, Refugees or Victims of Human-Trafficking?
Analysis, Advocacy and Assistance between Categorizations and (Self-)Identifications

Seminar at Salaya (Bangkok), 21-22 June 2017
Hosted by the Social Science Division of Mahidol University International College
Proposals with abstracts & CVs due 31 March 2017
Notification of successful proposals by 15 April 2017

We invite
  • conceptual studies,
  • reports on empirical research,
  • and reflection papers by practitioners
addressing questions such as:
  • How do individuals respond to labels such as migrant, victim of human trafficking etc.?
  • How and to what extent can individuals assert their own agency in the face of categorizations and classifications?
  • How are public perceptions shaped and articulated in relation to these labels?
  • How are services by government and non-government service providers impacted by such categories?
  • How are advocacy and assistance efforts shaped and enhanced or limited by categories?
  • How do problems of and contests over classifications impact the compilation of data?
Please visit our web site for further information on the seminar and its concept.
Contact Info: 
  • Dr. Claus K. Meyer (Social Science Division, Mahidol University International College, Salaya, Thailand)
  • Sebastian Boll (UN-ACT UN-ACT (United Nations Action for Cooperation Against Trafficking in Persons), 
    United Nations Development Programme, Bangkok )
  • Dr. Michael Hayes (Institute for Human Rights and Peace Studies, Mahidol University, Salaya, Thailand)