Editors and Contributors sought for Holiday, Celebration and Festival Study on H-Net

H-Net Vice President of Networks Caroline Waldron (Term Jan '22-Dec '24) Announcement
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Call for Volunteers
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Anthropology, American History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Popular Culture Studies, Sociology

H-Net is starting a new network on the study of holidays, festivals and festivity, and celebrations. The broad scope will encompass festivals representing a range of emotional stripes, from holiday celebrations to festivals of memorialization, protest marches, local and regional commemorations, historic reenactments, and on and on. The network will be multi-disciplinary and international in scope and will make full use of H-Net’s platform and position as an online, open access publisher. 

The network will be the publishing venue for the new open access, peer reviewed Journal of Festive Studies, co-edited by Aurélie Godet and Ellen Litwicki which will be a welcome addition to the field that currently lacks a dedicated peer review publication. Using H-Net’s robust platform, The Journal of Festive Studies will include traditional academic articles, and will also utilize other affordances of digital media: images, clickable maps and timelines, video, and so on. Drs. Godet and Litwicki are currently crafting the journal’s first CFP.

The H-Net network (tentatively titled H-Celebration) is currently seeking editors, writers, artists, scholars, and other content developers to craft the rest of the network in this diverse field. This will include book reviews, blogs, teaching and others resources, and potential online collaboration with the journal, interaction with its authors, etc. Additionally, the network will feature discussions among scholars and others active in the academic field. Through discussion, original content, and pertinent announcements, H-Celebration will be a rare unifying space for this diverse, far-flung field. Editors and contributors will have open opportunity to define the space, what it does, and how it works, and skilled and available tech staff working behind the scenes to bring their vision to life.

If you’re interested in being a part of H-Celebration, please contact Patrick Cox, H-Net Vice-President for Networks, at vp-net@mail.h-net.msu.edu.

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