New Book Series on the American Presidency

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Call for Publications
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American History / Studies, Diplomacy and International Relations, Political History / Studies, Political Science, Popular Culture Studies

Edinburgh University Press are excited to introduce a new book series on the American presidency, edited by Professor Sylvia Ellis and Dr. Michael Patrick Cullinane.

New Perspectives on the American Presidency is designed to take advantage of the revival in presidential studies in the UK and the world, and the growth of cross-disciplinary scholarship that has added countless interpretations from a wider cast of “supporting actors” in political history.

This new series is calling on scholars from all disciplines to submit book proposals that challenge the way we think about the United States presidency. Such examinations can do so in any number of ways, from investigating individual presidents, multiple presidents, those who aspire to the office, or indeed the office itself. We encourage prospective authors to explore the presidency in its historical and political contexts, in relation to gender, race, and class, and through the various domestic and foreign policies the president sets. In sum, we believe presidential scholarship in the twenty-first century is integrative, transnational, and reaches far beyond the voting booth or West Wing. This book series will prioritize fresh and innovative approaches, and will include both monographs and cohesive collections of essays from early career academics and established scholars.

For a full breakdown of submission guidelines, please visit the EUP website at: or contact the series editors: &