Morality in the Global Era: Theory, Policy and Praxis

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December 4, 2016
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Humanities, Philosophy

Event: International Ethics Summit  

Theme: Morality in the Global Era: Theory, Policy, and Praxis

Dates: December 4-6, 2016

Host: Texas A&M University at Qatar

Sponsor -  RasGas, Qatar

Venue: Hamad Bin Khalifa University - Student Center, Education City, Qatar

Event: Open to Public


The topic of ethics and its status in a postmodern, globalized world has become central in numerous fields of interest, academic discipline, and of course in everyday life. Questions about the heritage of modernity, about the applied dimensions of ethics in many facets of human life have influenced the division of knowledge and have profoundly marked the way human individuals relate to themselves and to their communities of interest. From political life to art and culture, from health issues to development strategies, from war and culture to religion and lifestyle; everything human is infused by ethical concerns.

The primary objective of this 3-day international summit is to explore the question: what does it mean to be moral in the global era? It brings together scholars, professionals and industry leaders from engineering and local industry, healthcare sectors, politics, economics, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, development studies, law, art, journalism and other disciplines. The organizers hope tha this summit will prove to be the beginning of a regular forum where diverse  view-points on ideologies, theories and practicesare presented in a creative manner which is both other-seeking as well as dialogic. The summit will attempt to develop a multi-disciplinary and global framework for  engage with questions of morality/ immorality/ amorality and rethink their meaning by delineating the moral conundrums which individuals face in the global era.


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Hassan Bashir, PhD

Associate Professor 

Texas A&M University at Qatar

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