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Call for Publications
March 18, 2018 to May 18, 2018
United Kingdom
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Government and Public Service, Human Rights, Humanities, Law and Legal History, Political History / Studies

World Law Club  is a setup that is intended to bring people and organisations around the world for promotion and enhancment of legal and legislative causes and issues. Its membership, though, is open to all regardless of their professional link to the worlds of law or ploitics. In order to deepen the general knowledge of the concerned issues we are interested in contributions that shed light in a succinct manner on areas that are yet to be known better. Therefore monographs are initially identified as the way forawrd. We would like to receive short contributions aiming at providing the knowled that can be conduce to our work. Thus we written monographs that cover any of the following areas:


- The role of general culture in shaping the legal structures and instruments

- The Interaction between local and regional legal systems 

- The Interaction between local and regional systems and the international legal and legislative structures

- Introduction of individual countries legal and legislative systems

- Introduction and description of individuals who have had a fundamental part in shaping the legislative and legal histories of nations

- The impact of law in shaping cultural, economic, social developments in any individual nation


Please the following in mind:

- Suggested contributions must not exceed 1500 words. 

- They ought to be sent in English and MSWord format. 

- note to observe the principle of originality and adequate referencing.

- send your details including name, title, any institutional affiliation.

- You are welcome to send your photographs that could be published alongside your monograph.

- The accepted monographs will be published online and made availabe to the public

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