Sino-Nigeria Relations

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April 2, 2017 to April 5, 2017
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Africa-Asia Studies Association

International Conference

Sino-Nigeria Relations

April 2- 5, 2017


Since 1980 when China joined the Bretton Woods institutions of International Monetary Fund and World Bank, and later the General Agreement on Trade and Tarriff, now World Trade Organization, China has continued to make remarkable economic progress and has gained considerable world attention. Apart from significant phenomenal economic growth rates, China has risen to become the second largest recipient of the world’s investment capital with an unprecedented foreign reserve, military modernization and a new global leadership status. In three decades, China has also made fundamental changes in its foreign policy; transforming from a confrontational posture to co-operation, from revolution to economic development, and from isolation to international engagement, commanding regional and global influence. However, many world leaders, diplomats, scholars, commentators and analysts have continued to question China’s intentions as well as regional and global long-term strategic goals, especially in Africa.

No matter the convergence or divergence of these arguments, it is instructive to note that since the Bandung Conference of 1955, China has continued to identify with developing nations to look for ways to growth and development. To address these issues that cut across a spectrum of Sino- Africa’s socio- economic and political engagements, the Africa-Asia Studies Association, a Nigerian-based association of scholars, is organizing an international conference on the theme: Sino-Nigeria Relations. Scholars, academics, diplomats, journalists, analysts and commentators are therefore, requested to send in their well researched papers/articles with empirical evidence to and copied to on the following sub themes:


Sub themes:

  • Perspectives to Africa-Asia relations

  • China’s growing influence on Africa and its implications

  • The West and Chinese growing influence in Africa

  • Slowing global economy and implications for China and Africa

  • China and fight against terrorism/insurgency

  • China and Nigeria’s military

  • China’s technological transfer to Nigeria

  • Nigerians in China

  • Chinese infrastructure engagements

  • China and Nigeria’s resources

  • Nigeria and China in the Age of Globalisation

  • Chinese firms in Nigeria

  • Regional and local case studies of Chinese impact on local economies and politics in Nigeria

  • Sino-Nigerian trade and economic exchanges

  • Sino-Nigerian education and cultural exchanges

  • Non-state actors in Sino-Nigerian relations

  • Understanding Chinese society: Politics, demography, economy

  • Chinese lessons for Nigeria

  • Capitalism in China and Nigeria


      Abstract Submission

Abstracts of not more than 250 words should be submitted under a sub-theme to Authors should PLEASE indicate the sub-theme for their paper on submission. Abstracts will be reviewed under sub-themes for acceptance, panels and subsequent publication. Abstracts should include author’s name, paper title, institutional affiliation, email address and phone number. 

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