Call for Papers: "Building peace and community: ethics, memory and monuments"

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July 16, 2018 to July 22, 2018
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Arabic History / Studies, Islamic History / Studies, Middle East History / Studies, Social History / Studies

A panel at the "World Congress for Middle East Studies" (WOCMES) July 16-22 in Seville, Spain on the topic of "Building peace and community: ethics, memory and monuments” still needs papers. The conference has extended the deadline for proposals until March 31.

The conference only meets every fourth year (1013 in Ankara and 2009 in Barcelona). The Rectorate of the University of Seville will host the conferences, presentations, symposiums and other academic sessions of WOCMES 2018 Seville, as well as the Book Fair, which will take place in the Pier Paolo Pasolini Space.

The conference organizers have graciously extended the deadline until 31 March 2018; This is panel PA-821. Panel description:

Memory plays a paramount role in identity and nation building. Without collective memory, constructed in narratives and sustained through symbolism, people lack connections with their society and between generations. Society gives significance to shared knowledge and sustains it. Narratives constructed from collective memories provide the basis for belonging and meaning. People select their memories as they struggle to sustain and strengthen their communities. These memories play a role in bringing people together, and in their exclusion; memories and community memorials promote self-awareness. Therefore, the nation derives from decisions to both remember and to forget. Like identity, societies shape their collective memory to give meaning to past events as a way to commission future agendas. Therefore, the ethics that a society embodies in memorials shapes the self-concept, well-being, and human rights of its members.

Key terms: cultural production, art, monuments, curriculum, reconciliation, stability.

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